Liability & Legal expenses

Liability insurances are supposed to reduce the risk in everyday life and business life because a small carelessness can quickly have big (financial) consequences.

In Germany, everyone has to pay for the damages he or she inflicts on someone else and / or their property, whether with intent or not. This applies to the expensive vase of your neighbour, but also for financial losses and personal injuries. You are liable with all your assets until the damage has been paid for.

Legal disputes are unfortunately more and more common in Germany and they can get expensive very quickly. Legal expenses insurances exist for a variety of legal fields, e.g. private life, traffic law, employment or living / property and will cover you if you need legal help.

Liability & Legal expenses

Did you know?

190€ - 250€

Average costs of an initial lawyer consultation [1]

In addition, unjustified claims against you are fended off and lawyer and process costs are also covered. 

Which insurances are the best fit for you, as often is the case, naturally depends on your individual situation and we will help you to find the best insurance for your needs.

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Our professional lives are more dynamic and variable today than ever – your insurances should too.

There are two main questions to answer:

How can I support my family and myself should I not be able to work anymore?

How can I make sure that I achieve the level of financial stability I need for my retirement?

There are many possibilities to answer these questions and not all are suitable for everyone and every life situation.

The most important aspect is to have a holistic view, keeping in mind financial security for you and your family throughout the next years.

We can help you find the best solution that fits your needs.

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