Home, Car & Travel

Home can be many different things to many people. Making sure that your belongings are secure usually means the same to everybody. The following insurances revolve around your home and your travels, be it far or near. 

Especially the household insurance is of particular importance because it makes sure that the worst-case scenario is covered: loosing your things that make your home your home. Additionally, a car liability insurance is not only highly recommended but also mandatory in Germany. If you want to drive, you need insurance.

Home, Car & Travel

Did you know?

17 € / year

Price of an annual travel health insurance for a single.

Travelling is what makes life interesting and there are a number of insurances that enable you to keep it that way. First and foremost, a travel health insurance is cheap and highly recommend because health should always come first. But covering your luggage or the flight itself also often makes a lot of sense.

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Our professional lives are more dynamic and variable today than ever – your insurances should too.

There are two main questions to answer:

How can I support my family and myself should I not be able to work anymore?

How can I make sure that I achieve the level of financial stability I need for my retirement?

There are many possibilities to answer these questions and not all are suitable for everyone and every life situation.

The most important aspect is to have a holistic view, keeping in mind financial security for you and your family throughout the next years.

We can help you find the best solution that fits your needs.

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