Private supplementary health insurances

Private supplementary health insurances

Everyone can add private supplementary modules to get more coverage for his or her insurance plan. That includes publicly and privately insured people. The most common example for such a supplement is dental care but there are other areas where supplements make sense.

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Private supplementary health insurances

What is it?

To make it very simple: private supplementary health insurances (“private Krankenzusatzversicherung”) are add-on to your existing health care coverage.

That is regardless of whether you have a private plan already or a in the public health insurances. Everybody can enhance his or her existing plan.

They were created in order to enable people in the public health insurance to fill coverage gaps or enhance their coverage in fields that are important to them. Because the coverage level in the public health insurances is constantly decreasing over the years, the importance of supplements has increased.

What are the benefits?

That of course depends on the individual supplement. There are a wide range of products today, some more useful than others. The most common include:

  • Extra dental coverage
  • Travel health insurance
  • Nursing care enhancement
  • Health care enhancements such as private rooms or private doctors
  • Illness daily cash
  • Hospital daily cash

Each of these insurances fill a gap that exists in the public health insurance or extend the coverage of private plans.

For example: dental will cover more costs and more procedures, illness daily cash will pay you a little money for each day that you are ill.

What you get and how much it will cost naturally depends on what you need and the coverage extend.

Who is it for?

Especially if you are in the public health insurance, many products can be attractive because these things are either not covered or the coverage is only limited. Taking dental as an example again, the public plans only cover a limited percentage of the costs, the rest needs to be paid by you.

But also private plans can be enhanced where you need it, e.g. by extending your nursing care coverage or making sure that a longer hospital stay will not drain your financial resources.

Whether you need a supplementary health insurance depends on your individual situation and ultimately the extend of coverage you are looking for.

Private supplementary health insurances

Did you know?

Extra dental

The most commonly used supplement

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