Work & Retirement

Our pro­fes­sio­nal lives are more dyna­mic and varia­ble today than ever – your insuran­ces should too.

The­re are two main ques­ti­ons to ans­wer:

How can I sup­port my fami­ly and mys­elf should I not be able to work any­mo­re?

How can I make sure that I achie­ve the level of finan­ci­al sta­bi­li­ty I need for my reti­re­ment?

The­re are many pos­si­bi­li­ties to ans­wer the­se ques­ti­ons and not all are sui­ta­ble for ever­yo­ne and every life situa­ti­on.

The most important aspect is to have a holistic view, kee­ping in mind finan­ci­al secu­ri­ty for you and your fami­ly throughout the next years.

We can help you find the best solu­ti­on that fits your needs.



Average pen­si­on in Ger­ma­ny [1]

Whatever insurance you need — we will find the best solution for you

You are not sure what insurance(s) you need? Here is an over­view for you:

What work & reti­re­ment insurance(s) do I need?

Occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce (“Berufs­un­fä­hig­keits­ver­si­che­rung”)


The occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce is high­ly recom­men­ded by NGOs, governments and con­su­mer advo­cacy groups ali­ke. It pro­tec­ts you against the loss of inco­me should you no lon­ger be able to work and is the­re­fo­re a cru­ci­al tool to secu­re your finan­ci­al live­li­hood. More

Work inca­pa­ci­ty insuran­ce (“Erwerbs­un­fä­hig­keits­ver­si­che­rung”)


The work inca­pa­ci­ty insuran­ce can be seen as a smal­ler ver­si­on of the occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce. It’s bene­fits are not as far-reaching but it also costs less and it easier to get into. It is espe­ci­al­ly attrac­tive for free­lan­cers sin­ce they are not cove­r­ed by the public work inca­pa­ci­ty insuran­ce. More

Employ­ment-based reti­re­ment plans (“Betrieb­li­che Alters­vor­sor­ge”)


Employ­ment-based reti­re­ment plans are the collec­tive name for finan­ci­al bene­fits that can be pro­vi­ded by any employ­er to its employees. As a mat­ter of fact, every employee in Ger­ma­ny has the legal right to enga­ge in employ­ment-based reti­re­ment plans to increa­se his or her pen­si­on. More

Life insuran­ce


Life insuran­ce are still Germany’s top insuran­ce pro­duc­ts and that will most likely stay so for the next years. They rep­re­sent a two-way safe­ty net: money for your fami­ly in the case of your death and money for you when you reti­re. Howe­ver, in the age of low inte­rest rates, many pro­duc­ts are ques­tion­ab­le at best and a decisi­on should be well thought through.  More

Government sub­si­di­sed pen­si­on sche­mes (“Ries­ter­ren­te”)


Government sub­si­di­sed pen­si­on sche­mes are still one of the main pil­lars of reti­re­ment plans in Ger­ma­ny. Becau­se of the sub­si­dies, the­se sche­mes are worthwhile for a wide ran­ge of peop­le. Espe­ci­al­ly if your inco­me is not very high. More

Government sub­si­di­sed pen­si­on sche­mes for free­lan­cers (“Basisrente/Rüruprente”)


The­se pen­si­on sche­mes are simi­lar to the Ries­ter­ren­te but focus on free­lan­cers and self-employ­ed peop­le. That is becau­se they are not eli­gi­ble for Ries­ter­ren­te but of cour­se should be able to save more money for their reti­re­ment. More