What are private supplementary health insurances?


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Num­ber of supp­le­men­ta­ry con­trac­ts [1]

To make it very simp­le: pri­va­te sup­ple­men­ta­ry health insuran­ces (“pri­va­te Kran­ken­zu­satz­ver­si­che­rung”) are add-on to your exis­ting health care coverage.

That is regard­less of whe­ther you have a pri­va­te plan alrea­dy or a in the public health insuran­ces. Ever­y­bo­dy can enhan­ce his or her exis­ting plan.

They were crea­ted in order to enab­le peop­le in the public health insuran­ce to fill coverage gaps or enhan­ce their coverage in fields that are important to them. Becau­se the coverage level in the public health insuran­ces is con­stant­ly decrea­sing over the years, the impor­t­an­ce of sup­ple­ments has increa­sed.

What are the benefits of supplementary health insurances?

That of cour­se depends on the indi­vi­du­al sup­ple­ment. The­re are a wide ran­ge of pro­duc­ts today, some more use­ful than others. The most com­mon inclu­de:

  • Extra den­tal coverage
  • Tra­vel health insuran­ce
  • Nur­sing care enhan­ce­ment
  • Health care enhan­ce­ments such as pri­va­te rooms or pri­va­te doc­tors
  • Ill­ness dai­ly cash
  • Hos­pi­tal dai­ly cash

Each of the­se insuran­ces fill a gap that exists in the public health insuran­ce or extend the coverage of pri­va­te plans.

For examp­le: den­tal will cover more costs and more pro­ce­du­res, ill­ness dai­ly cash will pay you a litt­le money for each day that you are ill.

What you get and how much it will cost natu­ral­ly depends on what you need and the coverage extend.



Annu­al costs of good tra­vel health insuran­ce 

Who should have private supplementary health insurances?


Extra den­tal

The most com­mon­ly used sup­ple­ment

Espe­ci­al­ly if you are in the public health insuran­ce, many pro­duc­ts can be attrac­tive becau­se the­se things are eit­her not cove­r­ed or the coverage is only limi­ted. Taking den­tal as an examp­le again, the public plans only cover a limi­ted per­cen­ta­ge of the costs, the rest needs to be paid by you.

But also pri­va­te plans can be enhan­ced whe­re you need it, e.g. by exten­ding your nur­sing care coverage or making sure that a lon­ger hos­pi­tal stay will not drain your finan­ci­al resour­ces.

Whe­ther you need a sup­ple­men­ta­ry health insuran­ce depends on your indi­vi­du­al situa­ti­on and ulti­mate­ly the extend of coverage you are loo­king for.

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