Health care

The­re is a Ger­man expres­si­on: Health is not ever­ything but wit­hout health, ever­ything is not­hing.

Many peop­le only start thin­king about their health insuran­ce once an emer­gen­cy or an acci­dent hap­pens. Albeit, it is increa­singly important to think about health care befo­re it is actual­ly nee­ded.

The­re are many aspec­ts that need to be con­si­de­red, but in Ger­ma­ny ever­ything starts with a big ques­ti­on: pri­va­te insuran­ce or public insuran­ce?

The ans­wer to that ques­ti­on signi­fi­cant­ly deter­mi­nes the path you have to take but you still need to make sure that you get the coverage you need for a pri­ce that you can afford.

Con­tact us and we will help you to navi­ga­te the Ger­man health care sys­tem and get you the coverage that fits your needs.



Total health care expen­dit­ures in Ger­ma­ny [1]

Whatever insurance you need — we will find the best solution for you

You are not sure what insurance(s) you need? Here is an over­view for you:

What health care insurance(s) do I need?

Public health insuran­ce


Rough­ly 90% of the popu­la­ti­on in Ger­ma­ny is in one form or the other insu­red through the public health care sys­tem. That this rep­res­ents a major tri­umph of the modern wel­fa­re sta­te is easi­ly for­got­ten. Gene­ral­ly speaking, if you are employ­ed in Ger­ma­ny, you pro­bab­ly have to be in the public health care sys­tem. More

Pri­va­te health insuran­ce


Pri­va­te health insuran­ce usual­ly covers addi­tio­nal bene­fits and pro­ce­du­res that are not or not ent­i­re­ly cove­r­ed by the public health insuran­ce. Wai­ting times are shorter but the ent­ry bar­ri­ers and the pri­ces can be high. Moreo­ver, the law clear­ly dic­ta­tes who gets in and who does not. More

Pri­va­te sup­ple­men­ta­ry health insuran­ces


Ever­yo­ne can add pri­va­te sup­ple­men­ta­ry modu­les to get more coverage for his or her insuran­ce plan. That inclu­des publicly and pri­va­te­ly insu­red peop­le. The most com­mon examp­le for such a sup­ple­ment is den­tal care but the­re are other are­as whe­re sup­ple­ments make sen­se.  More

Acci­dent insuran­ce


The public acci­dent insuran­ce only covers you during your work activi­ties, inclu­ding the way to and back from work. Ever­ything you do pri­va­te­ly, inclu­ding hob­bies, sports etc., is not cove­r­ed. Becau­se of that, pri­va­te acci­dent insuran­ce is one of the most com­mon insuran­ce in Ger­ma­ny. More

Dread and disea­se insuran­ce


The dread and disea­se insuran­ce can be seen as a smal­ler ver­si­on of the occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce. It covers cer­tain disea­ses such as can­cer that are known to cau­se high costs. This insuran­ce is desi­gned to cushion long-term and recur­rent costs.  More