What is a risk life insurance?


~ 200 € / year

Pre­mi­um for a 35y with a coverage sum of 100.000 € 

Risk life insuran­ces (Risk-LI) have one main objec­tive: the finan­ci­al secu­ri­ty of the sur­vi­ving dependents in the event of death.

The func­tio­n­a­li­ty is the­re­fo­re also suf­fi­ci­ent­ly simp­le and can be exp­lai­ned quick­ly: If you die wit­hin the con­tract peri­od, your fami­ly mem­bers will recei­ve a one-time pay­ment.

Of cour­se, despi­te the rela­ti­ve sim­pli­ci­ty, the­re are some aspec­ts that need to be con­si­de­red, and that influ­ence con­tri­bu­ti­on and pay-out.

In par­ti­cu­lar, the cor­rect insuran­ce or coverage sum must be cho­sen. This is the amount that will ulti­mate­ly be paid on death.

Of cour­se, the bene­fits must be clear and almost more important: the exclu­si­ons. You must be awa­re of when the insuran­ce will pay and when not.

What are the benefits of a risk life insurance?

If the insu­red per­son dies, the insuran­ce sum is paid out to the sur­vi­ving dependents.

The coverage sum can chan­ge during the con­tract peri­od and can be made more sui­ta­ble for your indi­vi­du­al insuran­ce need:

- Rising: coverage sum and con­tri­bu­ti­ons increa­se during the con­tract peri­od.

- Con­stant: coverage sum and the con­tri­bu­ti­ons remain the same during the con­tract peri­od.

- Fal­ling: coverage sum and con­tri­bu­ti­ons decrea­se during the con­tract peri­od

If spou­ses or busi­ness part­ners are also to be insu­red, so cal­led joint Risk-LIs or part­ner Risk-LIs can be taken out. They will pay out if one (or both) insu­red per­son dies.

Due to the legal situa­ti­on (key­word: inheri­tan­ce tax), unmar­ried cou­ples should in most cases take out two sepa­ra­te insuran­ce poli­ci­es.



Exis­ting Risk-LI con­trac­ts in Ger­ma­ny in 2017  [1]

Who should get a risk life insurance?


~ 14.5 %

Sha­re of Risk-LI of the ent­i­re life insuran­ce mar­ket [2]

The Risk-LI has two dis­tinct sce­n­a­ri­os in which it is an excel­lent tool:

If you are finan­cing some­thing with a loan (e.g. a house or apart­ment), we stron­gly recom­mend a Risk-LI. Loans are usual­ly tailo­red to stea­dy inco­mes and the Risk-LI secu­res the finan­ci­al risk.

Fur­ther­mo­re, the Risk-LI offers a gre­at way of making sure that your loved ones have enough funds in case of your death.

The Risk-LI is par­ti­cu­lar­ly attrac­tive for young fami­lies, as it offers high coverage sums for rela­tively small pre­mi­ums and is the­re­fo­re afford­a­ble for peop­le who are still at the begin­ning of their care­ers.

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Risk Life Insuran­ce as a tool to finaci­al­ly secu­re your loved ones.

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