What is a private legal expenses insurance?


~200€ / year

Average cost of a full pri­va­te expen­ses packa­ge [1]

Legal expen­ses insuran­ces (LEI) are a rela­tively young branch of insuran­ces, effec­tively going main­stream in the ear­ly nine­ties. With the increa­sing “juri­di­fi­ca­ti­on” of our socie­ty, the impor­t­an­ce of the­se insuran­ces in gene­ral and pri­va­te LEIs in par­ti­cu­lar con­ti­nues to increa­se.

A pri­va­te LEI is sup­po­sed to enab­le you to get your right in all pri­va­te mat­ters. In order to do that, you recei­ve, amongst other things, legal and finan­ci­al sup­port.

The back­ground is quick­ly exp­lai­ned: In order to be active in the legal sys­tem, you need a lawy­er, time and money. Becau­se not ever­yo­ne has the exper­ti­se, the money or the time nee­ded and that should not keep you from pur­suing your rights, LEIs have been crea­ted.

Pri­va­te LEIs are modu­lar. You can put tog­e­ther your legal pro­tec­tion like a buil­ding kit and that way you can put tog­e­ther the legal pro­tec­tion you need.

What are the benefits of a private legal expenses insurance?

LEIs in gene­ral have two main tasks respec­tively pro­vi­de, amongst other things, main­ly the fol­lo­wing two main ser­vices:

- Advice and legal sup­port by lawy­ers

- Reim­bur­se­ment of the lawy­er, court and pro­cess costs

Usual­ly, you can get an initi­al con­sul­ta­ti­on by pho­ne for free and try to assess whe­ther you want to take legal action. If so, you get the full sup­port that a case requi­res.

As the name sug­gests, a pri­va­te LEI is limi­ted to pri­va­te dis­pu­tes. This means that e.g. ever­ything that has to do with your job is not cove­r­ed.

Fur­ther­mo­re, the exact coverage ulti­mate­ly depends on your plan. Are­as such as tax law or inheri­tan­ce law are not inclu­ded in most basic plan and must be expli­citly cho­sen.



Usu­al costs of an initi­al lawy­er con­sul­ta­ti­on wit­hout an insuran­ce  [2]

Who should get a private legal expenses insurance?


3.981€ mil­li­on

Total expen­dit­ures for pri­va­te LEIs in Ger­ma­ny in 2017 [3]

The opi­ni­ons on whe­ther a pri­va­te LEI makes sen­se for most peop­le can dif­fer great­ly.

The fact is that the num­ber of legal cases and dis­pu­tes has been gro­wing steadi­ly in all are­as of life for years. Fur­ther­mo­re, more and more are­as of our lives are affec­ted by laws. Addi­tio­nal­ly, the pro­cess and lawy­er costs are often much hig­her than the ori­gi­nal dis­pu­te value (and hig­her than most peop­le rea­li­ze).

If you gene­ral­ly dri­ve a lot, fear con­flict with your neigh­bours or landlord or are wor­ried that high liti­ga­ti­on costs will keep you from enfor­cing your rights, you should sign up for a pri­va­te LEI.

Howe­ver, this decisi­on should be well con­si­de­red and other insuran­ces such as an occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce or a per­so­nal lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce should have hig­her prio­ri­ty.

Con­tact us and tog­e­ther we can ana­ly­se if a pri­va­te LEI makes sen­se for you and if so, which one is best for you.

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