Liability & Legal expenses

Lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ces are sup­po­sed to redu­ce the risk in ever­y­day life and busi­ness life becau­se espe­ci­al­ly in your pro­fes­sio­nal life can a small careless­ness quick­ly have big (finan­ci­al) con­se­quen­ces.

In Ger­ma­ny, ever­yo­ne has to pay for the damages he or she inflic­ts on someo­ne else or his pro­per­ty, whe­ther with intent or not. This app­lies to the expen­si­ve vase of your neigh­bour, but also for finan­ci­al los­ses and per­so­nal inju­ry. You are liable with all your assets and that until the dama­ge has been repai­red.

Espe­ci­al­ly in busi­ness rela­ti­ons­hips, such damages can be very expen­si­ve and wit­hout ade­qua­te safe­guards, the fear of making mista­kes can quick­ly under­mi­ne the day-to-day busi­ness.

Ever­yo­ne who has direct or indi­rect custo­mer con­tact knows that legal dis­pu­tes can hap­pen very quick­ly the­se days. Legal expen­ses insuran­ces help you to get your rights in the courtroom.

In addi­ti­on, unju­s­ti­fied claims against you are fen­ded off, so you are not alo­ne when the dif­fi­cult custo­mer threa­tens with a lawy­er.

Fur­ther­mo­re, lawy­er and pro­cess costs are also cove­r­ed. This is extre­me­ly important, as a long liti­ga­ti­on, even if it is won in the end, is very expen­si­ve.

Pro­fes­sio­nal lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce (“Berufs­haft­pflicht­ver­si­che­rung”)

Pro­fes­sio­nal lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce enab­les you to make sure that mista­kes or mishaps in your pro­fes­sio­nal life, do not have serious pro­fes­sio­nal or pri­va­te con­se­quen­ces. The coverage natu­ral­ly hea­vi­ly depends on your pro­fes­si­on, a con­trac­tor for examp­le needs vast­ly dif­fe­rent pro­tec­tion than a nota­ry. More

Busi­ness lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce (“Betriebs­haft­pflicht­ver­si­che­rung”)


Busi­ness lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ces are the equi­va­lent to pro­fes­sio­nal lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ces when it comes to coverage for your busi­ness. They help you defend against claims and help you pay for claims, mini­mi­zing the dai­ly busi­ness risk. More

D & O insuran­ce


Spe­cia­li­sed pro­fes­sio­nal lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce solu­ti­on tailo­red to exe­cu­ti­ves and mana­gers. Inclu­des spe­cial pro­vi­si­ons as well as fur­ther bene­fits such as PR cri­sis manage­ment or secu­ri­ty ser­vices. More

Busi­ness legal expen­ses insuran­ce (“Betriebss­rechts­schutz­ver­si­che­rung”)


Busi­ness legal expen­ses insuran­ce helps you in mas­te­ring you dai­ly busi­ness life wit­hout having to worry about legal dis­pu­tes und their con­se­quen­ces. Con­sul­ta­ti­on and cost reim­bur­se­ments rep­re­sent the main argu­ments here. More

Cyber legal expen­ses insuran­ce (“Cyber­rechts­schutz­ver­si­che­rung”)


The Inter­net has long been indis­pensable in ever­y­day life and even more so for most com­pa­nies. Cyber legal expen­ses insuran­ce helps you mini­mi­ze the risks asso­cia­ted with the usa­ge of the inter­net for your busi­ness. More

Pri­va­te legal expen­ses insuran­ce (“Pri­vat­rechts­schutz­ver­si­che­rung”)


The pri­va­te legal expen­ses insuran­ce can cover very dif­fe­rent fields. Most insu­rers offer a modu­lar sys­tem, whe­re dif­fe­rent modu­les can be put tog­e­ther as you seem fit. As the name sug­gests, the pri­va­te legal expen­ses covers legal miti­ga­ti­on and costs that ari­se from your pri­va­te, dai­ly life. More