Life is full of sur­pri­ses – busi­ness life even more so.

The needs and requi­re­ments for insuran­ces for a busi­ness are as dif­fe­rent as the peop­le behind the busi­ness them­sel­ves. Your indi­vi­du­al life and busi­ness situa­ti­on is the foun­da­ti­on of our work.

Busi­ness owners usual­ly look for a good pri­ce and relia­bi­li­ty when it comes to insuran­ces. You have to know how much you have to pay at what times and for how long. But bene­fits and avai­la­bi­li­ty should not be left behind, the­re is no point in having the che­a­pest insuran­ce if it does not deli­ver.

Espe­ci­al­ly finan­ci­al secu­ri­ty through an occupa­tio­nal disa­bi­li­ty insuran­ce and/or reti­re­ment plans as well as a good busi­ness lia­bi­li­ty insuran­ce and legal expen­ses insuran­ce should be con­si­de­red.

Ulti­mate­ly, one thing is important: That you have the insuran­ce that fits your needs when you need it.

With our sup­port, you can make a balan­ced and infor­med decisi­on.

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What is an insuran­ce bro­ker?

As an insuran­ce bro­ker, we have only one custo­mer: you.

We are not affi­lia­ted with any sin­gle insuran­ce com­pa­ny and can the­re­fo­re offer you the best solu­ti­on that fits your needs, regard­less who is offe­ring it.

Our ser­vices are free to you, we recei­ve a com­mis­si­on from the car­ri­er you ulti­mate­ly choo­se.

We show you what is pos­si­ble at what pri­ce; you make the decisi­on.

Whatever insurance you need — we help you find the best solution.

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Lia­bi­li­ty & Legal expen­ses


Secu­ri­ty and safe­ty that small mista­kes won’t have big con­se­quen­ces.



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Wealth & Employees


Finan­ci­al secur­tiy for you and your employees — today and tomor­row.



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Buil­ding, pro­per­ty & invento­ry


For all the small and big things in and around your busi­ness.




Car & Trans­por­ta­ti­on


Whe­ther a sin­gle car or an ent­i­re fleet — secu­ri­ty for ever­ything that moves.