Information on dealing with complaints

Dear Custo­mer,


Your satis­fac­tion is our hig­hest prio­ri­ty. Howe­ver, if you are not satis­fied with our activi­ty, you have the opti­on to file a com­p­laint with us.


The com­p­laint can be sub­mit­ted in wri­ting by let­ter, fax or e‑mail. You can use the address and con­tact details given in the imprint of our web­site. Addi­tio­nal infor­ma­ti­on can be found here.


If we recei­ve a com­p­laint from you, we will prompt­ly ack­now­ledge rece­ipt and inform you about the com­p­laint hand­ling pro­ce­du­re and the appro­xi­ma­te pro­ces­sing time. If we dis­co­ver that your com­p­laint con­cerns an item for which we are not respon­si­ble, we will prompt­ly inform you of this and, if pos­si­ble, noti­fy you of the rele­vant depart­ment.


We will tho­rough­ly review your com­p­laint and endea­vor to respond as soon as pos­si­ble. If this is not pos­si­ble, we will inform you of the rea­sons for the delay and when the test is expec­ted to be com­ple­ted.


Upon request, we will give you all noti­fi­ca­ti­ons and infor­ma­ti­on in wri­ting.


If we are unab­le or unab­le to ful­ly com­ply with your request, we will exp­lain the rea­sons for this and point out pos­si­ble ways in which you can con­ti­nue to pur­sue your request.